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Have you ever had a network problem that you wanted to bang your head on the wall, Fear no more, I’ve got the solution for you You’ll learn how to get the advantage of network debugging tools that makes your day-to-day work better.

As apple said “Debugging network problems is challenging because of the fundamental nature of networking Networking is asynchronous, time-sensitive, Moreover, the two programs involved (for example, the client and the server) are often created by different developers, who disagree on the exact format of the data being exchanged. Fortunately, a variety of tools can help you debug such problems.”

Using Charles, Proxyman, Instruments

What to expect

This talk/workshop will take you through concrete examples and sample codes, giving you a more detailed view of how to use proxies. It will also have a touch of security to avoid having someone act as a man in the middle. Moreover, you learn how to inject and use different backend or mocked data instead of your backend.

What you will take home

By the end of this talk/workshop, when you are developing an app you consider to secure it more. It will also give you the power to inject and test your app easier using mock server or datas.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirement is to have a windows machine or Mac if they want to try it out. and I cover Charles, Proxyman, and instruments from Xcode and android studio.

Who is this for?

It works for iOS, Android, Backend devs as well as QA/Testers.


  • Project & Tools
  • Inspect the app
  • Debugging
  • Advance Usage


At App Builders 2022 two hours workshop, three times in one day.


You can find the workshop materials in below or download it from here.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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