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Advanced Charles Proxy Tutorial for iOS

Get more out of Charles Proxy by learning advanced features like mapping responses to local files, automating requests and writing logs.

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Using Swift 5, iOS 14, Xcode 12

Charles Proxy offers developers and testers an immediate look at network traffic. But there’s a lot to learn beyond the basics.

If you’ve ever wanted to change response data without asking the back-end server to test the client, report a server-side bug or reproduce a state on the client that needs a specific back-end response, advanced Charles Proxy features offer solutions.

In this tutorial

You’ll manipulate the response from the Star Wars API (SWAPI) to your own custom API in the StarCharles app. Along the way, you’ll:

  • Set up Charles.
  • Use the mapping tool and breakpoints.
  • Perform repetitive actions with the rewrite and repeat tools.
  • Save network activity to disk.
  • Share reports with others.

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