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SF Symbols 3 for iOS: What’s New

Learn how to use the new features on SF Symbols 3, which allows you to customize colors, shading, accessibility and localization, as well as add custom symbols more easily.

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Using Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

SF Symbols 3 is a curated set of icons and symbols designed by Apple and available starting in iOS 13. The symbols are also available for macOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. Each SF Symbol is highly configurable and designed to align with text in all weights and sizes with the San Francisco system font. Many of the symbols provide built-in icons for common tasks and content types so your users will effortlessly understand them. They add elegance and intuition to your apps.

With the latest update, Apple added more than 600 new symbols and icons. This brings the total to over 3,100 different symbols! This version supports customizing colors and shading in new ways and also includes new accessibility and localization capabilities. It even has new localized symbols for specific languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Devanagari, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin and Thai. Finally, the newest export template for symbols allows you to more easily add custom symbols and use most of these new capabilities for them.

In this tutorial

You’ll learn about the latest improvements to SF Symbols, including:

  • New hierarchical and palette rendering modes.
  • Symbol variants.
  • How to use font weights with symbols.
  • How to add a custom symbol to your SF Symbols app and your iOS app.

Finally, you’ll learn how to use the SF Symbols 3 Mac app to examine the symbols’ new capabilities without coding.

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